I’m moving by the end of the year and getting out of the hobby. Selling here:
  • green hairy mushroom, singles, groups of 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 15, $5 to 10/piece depending on amount and size

I'm open to offers when you buy multiple items. See my other post, also in hardware

Live rock 250+ pounds available: I have dry, in tank and sump: $2/pound, or if you take more than 30pounds: $1/pound
Dry coral sand, 130 pound available: $1/pound or if you take more than 65pounds: $0.5/pound, $50 for all of it.

Disclosure: My fish have been disease free for over 7 years, I have no Aiptasia, flatworms, Bryopsis, or any other pests in my system, always quarantined and didn’t add anything new in the last 3 years. But just like in most aquariums, there are the occasional bristleworms, asterina stars, Vermetid Snails, etc. They are part of a healthy system and never were a problem. If you do not want them, please quarantine, or don’t buy.