I have changed my grow setup for my indoor terrariums, so all the following light fixtures and accessories are on sale.

They have been used anywhere from 2-4 years (The current usa ones are the oldest...the ecotech are newer. The current USA fixtures are as-is. They work, but I am not sure if the remotes work. They "may" need new batteries.

List of items:

1 x Ecotech XR15FW gen 2 (first gen ecotech freshwater fixture) + EXTRA main module (motherboard) : $350
1 x Ecotech Reeflink (need for first gen fixture above to use with the ecosmart app wirelessly) : $50
3 x Ecotech XR15FW PRO gen 4 (second gen ecotech freshwater fixture: MOBIUS APP ENABLED) : High power fixture double the wattage as first gen : $350 each
1 x Current USA Satellite LED PLUS PRO 48 - 60" : $250
2 x Current USA Satellite LED PLUS 18 - 24" : $75 (remote might require new batteries)
1 x Twinstar 600SA (adjustable legs fixture) : $200
1 x Twinstar 600SP (pendant version) : $200

Please PM me if you are interested.