August 5 Update

I have 10 fish left from the group described below from an earlier post. Looks like 4 males and 6 females (uncertain about one).

Selling as a group of 10 for $750.00.

All details from my previous post are presented below.

Original Post
This is a reluctant decision for me, but I have decided to sell my large group of tank raised Kapampa frontosas. These fish have been raised on Whitby water with Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt added to each water change.

I have about 26-27 (hard to count actually) that range in size from 5-9”. There is a good breakdown of males to females. They have just started to hold but to date I have not been successful in getting fry. To be honest, the tank is a little on the overstocked side and I don’t think this helps.

This group is being fed a nice mix of Tropical Tanganyikan chips, Xtreme Cichlid pellet, Tropical Tanganyikan flake, Northfin Cichlid pellet and Tropical Veggie flake.

I would prefer to sell these fish as one group but I do realize that this may not be possible. The minimum number I am willing to sell would be a group of 7 - 2 males with 5 females.

I am going to price on a per fish basis as it is much easier.

Asking $90.00 a fish……. so a group of 7 would be $630.00.

Pricing for the entire group – If anyone has the desire and capacity to take the entire group let me know and I can put together a one group price on a per fish basis.

Visiting Logistics
Anyone who has dealt with me before knows that I usually set up tanks in my garage and sell from there. This has proven to be helpful in particular during Covid.

However given the size of the tanks and the number of fish I don’t really have the capacity to set up everything in the garage. So….. in this case I will need to bring you down into my basement. Except for my family bubble, prospective buyers would be the first group of people I have had in my house for two years! To be on the safe side I am going to ask that you wear a mask, I will do the same.

I’m no photographer but here are a few pics that will give you an idea what the group looks like.

I am located in Whitby. If interested or have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail ([email protected]) or PM. Please don’t post questions in the thread as I don’t always go back to the page where the post was made but I always see my notifications for PMs.

Thanks for looking.