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Looking for the following

20-30 Cardinal and /or Rummynoses - willing to pay not more than $1.50/ fish, i know they have at different places for $$2-4.99 /piece

some Harlequin rasboras or similar ones- name your price

Glass cat fish - name your price willing to pick more than 5-10, store prices are around $5.99 or so

German rams, want to ask for Electric Blues but they are $20 a pop so pls name your price

Snowball/ Vampire / Polka dot plecos - fry or sub adult

CPD- Pearl Danios,

If you know the name of a store where i can pick up great , local breeders or if you are expecting new batch of fry soon

Can pick up within GTA and a bit outside too
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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