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Hi folks, Looking for the following fish, either some trios, pairs or just females. All listed in order of priority. Please let me know your prices and some details of the fish such as; where you purchased them, how long you have had them and any other details you can provide.

Please send me a PM and the best way to contact you.

1. Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe)


2. Protomelas "Spilonotus Tanzania"

3. LDA-33 Pleco, My Female was found dead 1 morning (sigh)

4. Aulonoclara Kandeese, I have a nice Male but the female seems to be stunted, male takes no interest.
#### I have found these ####

5. Lf Male Albino Taiwan Reef, Have lots of females.

6. Placidichromis electra "hongi Island" Male, i have females.

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