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So i am looking for anything that grows around 5" max, wrasses/anthias are on the top of the list. But i am willing to consider any fish as long as it meets the criteria:

No tangs
No Angelfish, unless it is a dwarf, then i may consider.
Nothing that will get bigger than 5 inches really.
No gobies
No clownfish
No damsels

I do not drive, but i am willing to pay for delivery regardless of your location.

And i am willing to pay a dramatically inflated price for the right fish. (i have no idea as to what the right fish is right now)

Currently stock:
2 clownfish
1 dwarf angel
1 melanurus wrasse
1 tomini tang
and a Skeletor Eel (which has never been a problem with my fish)

Tank has about 130 gallons of water.
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