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Lta anemone + oc clown pair + pj cardinal + 2 engineer goby

Engineer anemone is for sale

Since i am slightly allergic to the sting. I will get rashes and itchy if my hands are in the tank and i touch it by accident (That's the only reason for selling).
Only managed to catch it on the move today

Super healthy and sticky eat anything i feed it

Approx 8 inches in diameter when fully expanded

Will trade for coral like torch frog otto or interesting lps
Alternatively looking for $40

Oc clown pair female 3.5 inch male 2 inch tgey always hang together eat very well $50 for pair

One pj cardinal 3 inch also very healthy $12

Engjneer goby x 2 $8 each

txt 6477868490 - Paul


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