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Hey there everyone! I'm looking to unload several products which I no longer use. I have used a digital scale to find out the quantities of the opened products. I am located in North York near York University, easily accessible via TTC. The prices are not firm for every product so feel free to negotiate :) I would also consider interesting trades such as low light plants other than moss, small freshwater fish (esp pygmy cories or ottos), and very interested in red cherry shrimp. Pictures and details are available upon request.

Foam filter insert (Slightly used) 25c
General Cure Tablets (Unopened pack of 8) $5
Aztec Idol Ceramic Ornament (Used) $5
API Fungus Cure (Opened pack, 6 of the 10 packets remain) $5
API Super Ick Cure (Opened pack, 7 of the 10 packets remain) $5
Total Goldfish Gourmet Vacation Food (Unopened) $2
API Aquarium Salt (Opened, 300g of the 454g remain) $1
Aqueon Marine Granules (Opened, 95g of 100g remain) $3
Gel Tek Ultra Cure BX (Opened, 80mL of 118mL remain) $2
Hydor 7.5W Mini Submersible Aquarium Heater (Slightly used) $7
SeaVeggies Clip (Unused) $2
Whisper 1-3 gallon Filter with 2ft tubing and 4 unused bio-bags, pump not included (Slightly used) $10
Marineland Natural Daylight F15T8/18” Light (Slightly used) $4
API pH Deluxe Test Kit (Slightly used) $5
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