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note: you can purchase these directly from ken's fish food(US), but the shipping is crazy high and takes forever. i am simply too lazy to feed on a scheduled time and prefer pellet over flake, but these are great food. especially when you cant get meds for protozoans nowadays in Canada

i brought these metronidazole flakes for a group of newly acquired tropheus as prevention. only one(1/2 lb)bag left $15, I got it for $17 ish per(1/2lb)bag after shipping.

I also have this Spirulina garlic & paprika flake that I use as a supplement since my tropheus are now adopted to NLS pellet on auto feeder $12 per (1/2lb)bag,I got it for $13~14 ish per(1/2lb)bag after shipping ( i am only willing to sell 4 bags)
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