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Got a new idea and wanted to run it by everyone, was hoping on creating a MFC Library of online and printed media for all MFC members to share.

As most of us keep cichlids, I think starting with Cichlid press publications would be a great way to start and also support a great part of the wonderful hobby.

Also as most of us no The MFC no longer charges membership fees as we strive to keep costs low, with that being said donations will be needed to fund the library venture.

So, a list of book can be created and people can donate $10.00 towards the purchase of the book of there choice. When the book is finally purchased those who donated can then share the book amongst themselves.

All book will be property of The MFC and will be lent out to a member for set period of time, if the book is not retuned a late fine or full payment will be needed.

Members that agree to this will sign a permission sheet to notify they agree to the above rules.

I hope it never comes to that as we all are honest guys/gals in the MFC but we need these rules in place to protect the well being of people making donations and to the club.

If you like or dislike this venture please feel free to reply to this post with any comments you have or idea's you would like to share.

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