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I'm selling tiny almost microscopic vinegar eels. These microworms are used to feed new born baby fish that are too small to eat fish food. If you look very closely at the culture in the photo you'll see a part where the liquid looks more cloudy than the bottom. This is a cloud of worms. When you hold the jar up to the light, you'll see tiny worms wiggling.

I use these to feed my baby guppies and rainbow fish because they stay alive in the tank until the fish eat them and don't go bad and pollute the water. $5 dollars will get you a 230 ml bottle of these worms. This will last you a long time because the culture will keep on growing.

I am located near Wilson Subway Station at Wilson and Dufferin. I can meet you at other stations as well.

I also have the following for sale:
1) Crypt Plants $8
2) Moss Balls $5
3) Crystal Red Shrimp $4
4) LED Aquarium Light $25
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