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I'm been doing a emersed setup for some mini pellia on rocks for a display tank, but I have too many.
They've been grown in my ghetto high tech grow up :D (sounds absolutely terrible) but it is grown under quad t5s, automated mister, and fogger.
Real moist and damp in there :D
Rocks range from 3"-8" in diameter and have nice portions of pellia on it - 26 pieces of lava rock available, best pieces are first come first serve!
Have done this before for my driftwoods and when submerged it worked perfectly.
No pest and no algae - good for shrimp tanks (was planning to use it in a shrimp tank) grows in low-high light tanks with/without co2, just looks better with both.
Anyone who's got pellia from me knows the quality/quantity.

Picture is attached, it was taken a week ago after a misting, light green is newest growth, most patches were marble sized and will not float when in water.

Small - $15$10!
Medium - $20$15!
Large - $25$20!
Can work out better price if multiple rocks.
Open to trades as well.

Pic includes 500ml excel bottle as rough comparison.
PU McCowan/mcnicoll


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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