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Hello fellow Reefers,
I am moving at the end of the month and will not be taking this beautiful tank with us.

It was purchased from AI 18 months ago.

the tank is 18 inches cube = approx. 25 gallons
holds water up to the brim.
the tank is not a star fire tank.
one side of the tank has minor scratches. that side of tank can be the back of your tank. no one will ever see those scratches. lol
the tank is currently used for saltwater but can be easily used for freshwater.

it has a matching stand that is laminate dark brown faux wood grain
with 2 doors.

total height of the tank and stand is 50 inches.

I'm asking 250 obo for the set up.

potential buyers, the setup will be ready at the end of the month.

located downtown toronto

if u require further info and pics, pls pm me with email.

happy reefing!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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