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Cleaning up the basement and have to clear out some stuff.
$40-Fluval 205(currently in use) excellent condition
$5-Eheim Liberty HOB filter(needs some media) good condition
SOLD $10-Fluval 305 all media included. This thing has been tempermental as of late. Works, but might be better as a parts source.
$20-tank approximately 40.5inX10in(wide)X20in(high) good condition
$5-Aquaclear 30 submersible pump. Good condition.
$20-50ft Python system
$20-20gallon long tank with glass top. good condition
$40-Coralife 36in HO(2lamp) light. good condition
SOLD $20-Coralife 30in NO(2lamp) light. good condition
SOLD $20-Coralife 36in NO(2lamp) light. good condition
Thanks for looking and sorry for the bad pics!


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