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Hi GTA Aquaria!!! Just wanted to share my system with everyone! Your feedback regarding the system is always welcome!

The pictures were a little outdated (from beguining of spring). I will post a more updated picture soon.

Display Tank Size: 60 x 18 x 24 Peninsula rimless tank by Miracle Aquarium with centre overflow
Sump: 40 gallons breeder
DT Lighting: 2 Aqua Medic 250MH with 14K DE Phoenix bulb ● 2 T5HO 54w retrofit with KZ Super Blue ● DT Custom LED Moon Light
Sump Lighting: 6500K Power Compact
Water movement: Return Pump Poseidon PS4 ● Powerhead Koralia Evo 1400 X 4 on Wavemaker & 2 Modded Tunze 6045 Nano Streams
Other equipment: DA Reef Keeper Lite wtih ORP, PH & Temp Monitor ● American Pinpoint PH &Temp Monitor
Filtration: Euro-Reef RS180 skimmer ● NP Bio Pellets ● GFO Pellets ● Carbon in a TLF Phosphate Reactor
Calcium and Alkalinity Additives: BRS 2 part solution dosing 120 ml throughout the day
Live Rock/Sand: <100lbs Mix Live Rocks ● 90lbs Sugar Size Sand
Water: RO/DI unit 6 stage Aqua-safe model 100gpd ● Instant Ocean Salt Mix

Temp: 77.5F
Salinity: 1.025
PH: 7.8
Calcium: 450
Alkalinity: 7.50
Magnesium: 1450
ORP: 420
Phosphate: ZERO
Nitrate: ZERO


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thanks for the compliments Dabigmandan!!!!

Amazing! :eek:

I wish mine can look like yours in the future

Thanks bigfishy!!!! am sure in time your system would look better that this one!!!!

wow, excellent shots! healthy, lush, colourful! nice thread!:eek::D
thanks for the compliments BettaBeats!!!!!

Those pictures should be framed :)
thanks for the compliments Holidays!!!!

you got some skill, in both reefs and photography

beautiful tank
thanks for the compliments caker_chris!!!!

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That's an absolutely stunning tank!! Thanks for sharing!!
thanks for the compliments Tbird!!!!! happy to share!!!!

Holy shit... sorry for my lango.
what a tank man! awesome job...

which camera did you use to take those awesome pictures?

thanks for the compliments aquanutt!!!! Those photos were taken with a Canon 50D.

beautiful tank, beautiful macro shots !!!

tell us more about the system, what do tou dose coral food wise ?
thanks for the compliments Big Ray!!!!

twice a week after the main lights are out the system is feed a combination of Nutra-Kol NutraPlus Complete Feed, DT's Oyster Eggs Natural Reef Diet and Cyclop-eeze. I cant really tell if it helps but all i know is i get great polyp extension, and the anthias definitely enjoy the cyclop-eeze!

The only other thing that gets added to the tank is ALK & CAL now at about 150mm of each.

Nice tank and pictures!

Love your camera/lens. Pictures taken with powerheads off, very nice!
thanks for the compliments conix67!!!!

Wow... Always feel proud of my tank until i see someone with this
thanks for the compliments Kweli!!!!
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