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Submersible Aquarium Heater, 100 WATT, 9.5" long
New in a box, never user.
Brand: Jeir

This aquarium pond fish tank water heater is to keep the water temperature inside the tank steady and even allow temperature distribution in larger aquariums

Advanced design for freshwater or marine setups
Ensuring safe operation
Double seal material
Shatter-resistant quartz tube
Automatic adjustment temperatures
Totally submersible
Length: Approx. Approx. 9.5'' (24cm)
Voltage: 100-120v
Frequency: 50hz-60Hz
Power: 100W

Easy and precise setting of desired temperature
Thermometer-style temperature indicator is easily visible
Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains uniform temperature
Heating element is highly efficient and compact
For use with up to 40 gallon aquariums
Supplied with two suction cups

Package Include:
1 x 100W Aquarium heater
2 x Suction Cups

Pick up near Keele subway station in Toronto.


3,407 Posts
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Red Lava rocks, $10, Keele / Bloor

I have 10 medium/small lava rocks. Look at pictures.

These rocks are inert (do not change water), they have lots of pours and cavaties work similar to filter media in a tank. They are lightweight
Moreover, they have interesting color and can be used for aquascaping.

I used these rocks in freshwater aquarium, some of them have sign of algae on sides.

Look at my small tank with them here:

Lava Rocks are $2 per lbs or take them all for $10.

Pick up near Keele station in Toronto


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