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Hello everyone!

This is my first post.

Just purchased a 125 gal setup last week. Planning on a Malawi tank of multiple colors. I am not fussy on species, but am looking to have a visually pleasing tank. I am new to Ontario and moved to the GTA about a year ago.

I will do a fishless cycle and then be ready for fish.

Thought I would see if anyone needs rehoming of Malawi cichlids before looking to buy. Just trying to line up sources for when I am fish ready. If no luck rehoming, then I will buy from Finatics or Big Al's. Unless there are other/better places to check.

Definitely want Yellow labs and Electric blue. Some peacocks, albinos, etc.

This is not my first tank but it has been a long time since the last aquarium. My last one was an Amazonian setup with angels and other community fish, and was only 30 gal. Other tanks I had were a 55 gal cichlid tank and a 30 gal with Julies and lemon cichlids. So cichlids are not new to me.

But now I am starting a 125 gal and want to go back to Malawi cichlids.

Today putting in the gravel and setting up the gear. Got a Fluvial FX4 too.

I estimate I will be fish ready within a month. I do not know how long it will take this 125 g to cycle as I have never had a tank this large.

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