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New shipment of marine fish, ready for sale Sunday February 21,

List is below


Fox Face (M)
Tang Blue Hippo Tang (M/L)
Wrasse Pentail fairy
Goby Golden Head sleeper
Clown Maroon (M)
Angel Emperor (Juv) (M/L)
Tang Pacific Sailfin (M/L)
Tang Naso Lipstic (M)
Wrasse Red Coris (Adult)
Puffer Dogface
Clown Tomato Red
Clown Tomato Red /Black
Tang Flame Fin Tomini (S)
Angel Emperor (Juv) (S)
Tang Flame Fin Tomini (M/L)
Trigger Blue Jaw (Male)
Trigger Blue Jaw (Female)
Tang Brown (Scopas)
Goby Diamond Orange Spot
Tang Blue Hippo Tang (S)
Tang Pacific Sailfin (S)
Puffer Starry & Mappa
Puffer Star & Stripes
Marine Betta (Male)
Wrasse Katharine fairy
Tang Phil.Yellow Tang (Adult)
Tang Yellow Shoulder (M)
Tang Half black
Tang Powder Brown
Hogfish Coral
Rayfish Blue Spotted
Chromis Blue-Green
Shrimp Harlequin (M/L)
Stripe Whelk Snail
Green top (crown) Snail
Clown Maroon (S)
Trigger Redtooth (S/M)
Wrasse Red Fin Fairy
Blenny Tail Spot
Hogfish Diana (Adult)
Dottyback Strawberry
Goby Firefish
Stripe Whelk Snail
Bumble Bee (Stripe Whelks snail)
Shrimp Cleaner Skunk (S)
Cat's Eye snail
Starfish Sand
Tang Half black
Wrasse Black Fin Fairy
Sweetlips Yellow Oriental
Puffer Valentini
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