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Posting here for a few days before I move it out to Kijiji.

Update: Sold everything as a single lot and has been picked up. Thanks for watching!!

35 gallon (36"x12"x18") tank with foam background. Has been dry for about 4 months - no leaks previously. Comes with folding glass top and a fine (not quite sand) grey/black gravel to match background. Was rinsed clean with water only after the residents left for their new home. $50

Eheim 2213 with media - was rinsed clear but needs a cleaning I expect. All hoses and valves included. $50

Marineland 36" Doublebright Led light fixture $60 used 2 months. Worked surprisingly well in this tank.

Eheim Jager 100w heater $20

Fake rock structure 8" tall, 8" base $20

Assorted flat, stackable rock in varying sizes - a bin full - where do we accumulate this stuff from!! $30 Photo from previous tank as an example

Moon light LED strips - 36" - $25 and 24" - $20. These worked really well - even light and enough to evenly illuminate my old 55Gal at 18" depth.

Assorted other tank stuff including a 10 gallon tank (20x10x12), various bubblers, a couple of timers, caves, fake plants, couple magnet cleaners, a python cleaner etc I will throw in if you take it all in one shot.

One shot bundle price... $225 obo. Can deliver if absolutely needed - reasonable distance only, prefer pickup, located in Woodbridge.

Let me know your thoughts!

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