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Plant package for sale hc cuba, erio, hairgrass etc

Hey guys, another month, another plant package, here we go.
1 portion= similar to tropica

Available this weekend, I am taking orders before I prune this time.
pm or text at 647 201 2166, also taking trades for Taiwan bee shrimps

3 available

each contains the following
1x hc cuba
3x baby tears (hemianthus glomeratus)
3x super red ludwigia brevipes
1x Eriocaulon setaceum ( 3 large stems)
1x clover fern
1x hair grass
2x crypt sp tropica
1x crypt ghecco
1x rotala rotundafolia sp pink

14 portions= 70 dollars typically and about 100 at the stores, its yours for
35 bucks.
pickup at Form & Function ..follow the link below


Wanted: UG & Monte Carlo
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Nice package, it contains pretty much all the typical plants a person needs. Foreground, midground background, :D If this was back in 2010, I would be all over this.
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