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Hey guys, It's James the AquaticPlantsMan (APM). I have been aquascaping for over 25 years now and love the grow and share my plants/ shrimp / and fish with my community.

Recently I have put up a website to help keep track of the stock.

For beginner my $50 $100 and $200 packages are the best sellers , checkout the site for details . But it provides you with foreground mid ground and background plants at much more affordable and easier to grow .

Go to * AQUATICPLANTMAN.COM * for all prices, shipping details and checkout.

I ship every Monday via Canada post, OR FedEx for Shrimps during the warm months. Cut off for shipments is 6pm every Sunday, for Monday ship. Pickup is at our house in Markham monday to thurs after 6pm or sat before 11am or after 6pm. Shipping costs are calculated at check out. Pickup info will be asked for after checkout to confirm, usually, we need 24 hours to prep the package.

Just a hobbyist, so NO TAX, but I only take orders from the website just to keep my stock in check =)

Here is some of my stock, but go to AQUATICPLANTMAN.COM for the latest stock/prices'/ sales.

Shrimp and fish

Blue Dream high quality breed true blue dreams

Nice video of them

Crystal red shrimps

Bloody mary shrimp

Green jade shrimp and culls

Golden Shrimps

Black and Red Pinto Shrimps

Pure bred endler guppy

Plants list

MOSS and Rhizome

subwassertang golf ball size

Taiwan moss (taxiphylum alternans) golf ball size

Java moss: closed fist size

Peacock moss (Taxiphyllum sp): golf ball size

Spiky Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.) golf ball size

Christmas Moss (Vesicularia montagnei) Golf ball size

Buce moss quarter size

Mini string moss Quarter size

Fissidans Fontanus Phoenix moss: golf ball size

Round pellia : golf ball size

Floating fern “Salvinia Minima” : hand full

Jade moss (Rare) Toonie size

Hanegoke sp. Cameroon moss: for golf ball size

Creeping String Moss: toonie ball size

flame moss for toonie size

willow moss (Fontinalis antipyretica) golf balls size

Phillipine fern 5-8 leaf portion

Anubias Barteri 5-7 leaf portion

Trident Fern 5-7 leaf portion

Anubias nana 5-7 leaf

Anubias Nana petite 5-7 leaf portion

Anubias Barteri 5-7 leaf portion

Anubias sp Pinto 5 leaf portion

Riccia Fluitans (golf ball

Bucephalandra list


Dark biblis8 leaf portion

bucephalandra sunset angel / 8 leaf portion

Bucephalandra Sp. lamaudu red/ 8+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra sp super black /8+ leaf portion

bucephalandra blue Wavy 8+ leaf portion

bucephalandra Ulysses /8+ leaf Aportion

bucephalandra Black Rosa8+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra sp black velvet for 8+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra sp narcissus for 8+ leaf portion

bucephalandra sp. mini Feng /8 leaf portion (rare)

bucephalandra Red catherine /8+leaf portion

Bucephalandra Blue Velvet /8+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra Sp. Thea red/ 8+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra Mini /8+ leaf portion

Titan 2 /5+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra Blue Mahap /5+ leaf portion

Bucephalandra Kedagang Red Godzilla for 8 leaf portion

Background plants:

pogostemon stellatus 4 stems

Shinnersia Rivularis 4 stems

Pogostamon gayi(8+ stems)

Rotala Sp Colorata 8 stems

Rotala Vietnam H'ra ( 8 stems

alternanthera reineckii 3 stems

Ludwigia red hybrid 3 stems for

Start grass "heteranthera zosterifolia" 6-8 stems for

Hygrophila Polysperma Rosanervig 3-5 stems

Midground plants:

Rotala mexicana 7-10 stems

Hemianthus microanthemoids(pearl weed or baby tears) (at least 7-10 stems)

Lindernia (5-7 stems )

Limnophila hippuridoides sp. Mini 3-5 stems

Limnophila Aromatica mini @aquaticplantman 3-5 stems for

Crypt tropica 3 stems

Crypt parva 2 mature stems

Crypt sp pink flamingo 1 mature stem

Crypt sp.pygmea 2 large stems

Crypt spiralis tiger

Start grass "heteranthera zosterifolia" 10 stems for

Bolbitis heudeloti

Foreground plants:

echinodorus parviflorus.

Hemianthus Callicorids cuba 5x5 cm square

Marsilea Cranatum 8 nodes

Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan 10 nodes

Helanthium Tenellum "Green" (5 stems for

Dwarf hair grass Eleocharis Parvula

Go to * AQUATICPLANTMAN.COM * for all prices, shipping details and checkout.

Feel free to join the community Facebook Groups for support and questions.

Keep up to date with APM at, insta @aquaticplantman

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just added some more pics of the plants

l. Sph

rotala macaranda mini butterfly

so India

rotala Mexicana aragouaia


ammania gracilis

Steurogyn sp purple

Umbrosum sp Monte Carlo


Rotala sp mini butterfly type 2

Cyprus helferi

Fissidens so geppi

R.macaranda sp caterpillar

Bacopa japan

some are not for sale yet, but inquire if you really want it

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thanks luda, ill make sure to save some stuff for you.

Hey Jim

wow your tank's and plants look great lush and the colours, can't wait to start my 49 rimless, I gotta make a trip up to see these live in person



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LOTS OF Ammani gracilis( 3 bucks a stem)
A few portions of red stem parrot feather(5 dollar a portion) ..
and two portions of m. monte carlo (20 / toonie portion)

lots of high light plants right now.
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