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So I was looking at my tank today and I was somewhat laughing at the progression of what my tank has become. When I first started this hobby I was into angels and had a couple red cap orandas that were really happy but as we all know...they suck!

Anyways here is my progression:

8g Jebo Nano
AC50 modded to be a HOB refuge
green torch
Blood shrimp
25w heater

20g piece of the ocean
10g sump
2xT5HO Current USA
DIY LED strip attached to the T5's 4CW 4RB
Koralia nano 240
Tunze 6015
Eheim 1050 return
25w heater
2 clowns
1 clown goby
blood shrimp from first tank

50g Masterpiece!!
20g long sump by miracles
4XT5HO AquaticLife
ReefKeeper LIte
Cadlights PLS-100
Eheim Compact 3000+
2x100w Eheim Jager heaters
2 MP10's
custom made stand
Tons of coral!!!!!!
2 OC clowns
1 clown goby
1 Blood shrimp
1 kukenthal shrimp
1 Hippo tang (that needs to be relocated!)
3 blue/green chromis
200 nassarius snails
25 horny banded trocheus snails
sally light foot crab (in the sump!!)
2 emerald crabs
2 strawberry conch

I just find it amazing that it's become what it is!!
And I haven't even listed my frag tank :D:D:p:p

So list what you have guys and gals. I would love to see the progression that other hobbyists have had. Although I know some out there have gone from nothing to a 120g tank (jerks!!!) but i'm not bitter (dirtbags!!!) not at all

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(Date is based on when salt water was first added to system)

August 2010 35G n00b reef
35G w/ 20G sump
a pile of fish
a pile of crabs/shrimp
a pile of corals: SPS/LPS/softies

November 2011 90G Ocean Oasis
90G w/ 155G sump & refugium in basement
a pile of fish
a pile of crabs/shrimp
a pile of corals: SPS/LPS/softies

While it would be nice to upgrade, I'm happy with the size now, because for me it's important that the cabinetry be just right and fit in the room. I love having it right in our living area, and wouldn't trade it for a bigger tank if I had to put it in the basement...

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10g tall
AC50 "refugium"
6x 18w T5HO Current USA fixture
25w heater
Vortech MP-20
SPS frags, LPS frags, and a fish or two

20g custom column (16x16x20)
6x18w T5HO Current USA Fixture
10g sump
Eheim 1260 Return pump
Tunze 9002 skimmer
GHL Profilux 4-channel doser
Tunze Osmolator
150w heater
Vortech MP-20
2x TLF 150 Phosban reactors
fish, and crammed full a crapload of SPS

100g custom starphire (42x24x24)
Sfiligoi Stealth 8x39w T5HO
2x Vortech MP-40wES
Vortech Battery backup
ATB Flowstar 1500
Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Mini 160 (G1)
Vertex Vectra self-cleaning skimmer head
Tunze Osmolator
2x TLF 150 Phosban reactors
Eheim automatic feeder
Finnex 200w titanium heater element w/ controller
GHL Profilux 4-channel doser (stand alone)
GHL Profilux 3-channel slave doser
GHL Profilux 3ex Controller w/LAN
Filled with....stuff.
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