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Hai Feng Fish Food
Hey All,

Lots of Hai Feng fish food available. Various sizes and product lines, all pellets. For Cichlids mostly but suitable for most tropical fish, also for Goldfish as well. I will list all the foods and prices in a day or two. I can give a price range of about $5 to $15 a bottle. All bottles are brand new and sealed. Very limited about 15 bottles in total.

For those not familiar with the brand Hai Feng, below is a brief introduction.

Hai Feng Feeds Co., Ltd. was created by teachers and students of National Taiwan Ocean University. With over three decades’ hard effort, finally “Hai Feng” played a leading figure in the feed market, and formally entered international feed market. We got a great reputation in Singapore, Malaysia, America, Japan, Brazil and Mainland China. We promise that our products are made under the excellent management and preservation during the process of material selecting and freeze-stocking. We use the way of low temperature to produce our feed so that we won’t lose any nutrition. We have consummated laboratory equipment to keep watching on the quality of our material. Besides, we have our own experiment fish farm for long-term research in nutrition need, color enhancing, fish disease prevention and water management. Also, we cooperate with many fish farms to experimentalize our tropical fish feeds. Hai Feng has many kinds of automatic packing machines to seal our product automatically, every product of ours always fits international standard, ISO 9001:2000.

Manufacturer of aquarium fish food, aquatic plants, power heads, aquarium filters, fish tanks, tank decorations, aquarium lights, ornamental fish foods, aquarium accessory, tropical fish feeds, pet equipments, immunity excel foods, color enhancer food, fish flakes, fast color food, sticky tablets, red parrot foods, gold fish food, quick grow flake food, bright color flake food, turtle food, active carbon cartridges, zeolite, ceramic rings, bio balls, artificial coral sets, background rock plates, artificial driftwoods, magnetic cleaners, etc.

PM for details.
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