1. Redsea Reefer 250 (v1). All cleaned up and ready to go! 54 gallon display, 11 gallon sump. I converted the small ATO reservoir into a fuge, that is fed from a custom manifold installed on the return pump. You can run it as a fuge or a use it an ATO reservoir. Glass has a few scratches but not noticeable and does not detract from the views. Cabinet in great condition. Cabinet hinges are showing a bit of rust, but they don’t affect the doors from opening and closing as intended. Stand has a custom acrylic shelf to hold a doser (BM doser below or the 4 head wifi doser from Kaomer fit). Asking: $1000 (new from $2,300 + tax).
2. Custom aquarium lid. Clear nylon lid with feeding port on the front, cutouts for 2 RMS light mounts on the back, cut-out for Ehime fish feeder on the right side, 4 cut-outs for power cords on the back glass. Asking $250 (new from $550)