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When it rains it pours - another piece (or two) of hardware just died.

I believe one or both of my pumps have died.


  • The display tank was slowly filling up while the sump was low.
  • My priming pump (for overflow) was making really loud noises
  • My priming pump hose became all black
  • My return pump has been returning water at a very low rate lately

So I went and purchased a new priming pump and thought everything would be OK.

Of course, I'm still left with a return pump that pumps the water very slowly.

So, is the correct next step to purchase a new return pump?

Sadly, I'm leaving the country on Sunday and need to work Saturday so I need to do this super fast :)

So, if you may indulge me:

1) Should I be buying a new pump?
2) What brand / size would you get? I have a Reef Octopus 300D overflow 2100GPH, a 120 gallon DT, and a 40 gallon sump

I've been told that the Mags are really good (quiet?) with few problems. Should I just go to Big Al's and grab one?

Thanks much for your help!

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I would take it apart and check out the impeller to make sure its not damaged or dirty, that could be the whole problem. Once you check the inside, you will know if you just need a new impeller, shaft or whole new unit.

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disconnect the sump (turn off the return) and leave it be!

Don't ever hook up new stuff, then leave your tank!!! You are asking for a major problem!!

If the tank has powerheads, and a heater in it, you will be fine!
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