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I've been experimenting for the last several months on some of the doughnuts my friends and I have come across and have in our respective displays.

For those that are interested in trying something a little different; try spot feeding your doughnuts some pellets. I would like to emphasize that the pellets be well soaked to lower the risk of air pockets in the morsels of food. Also; this technique may not be well suited for those that have opportunistic scavengers and aggressive fish like shrimp, triggers, etc. On second thought...most fish that would pick at the doughnut/pellet. The last thing you want is to 'teach/train' your fish that the doughnut is now an expensive food source - I generally feed when the lights are off and most fish are asleep or I will actually feed with a 'cage' over the doughnut for full effect.

In all the feedings where I have used pellets; I have found feeding response from the Scolymia to be ravenous and near instantaneous. The pellets evoked an almost immediate feeding response whereby the Scolys opened up ....regardless of the time of day. Traditionally they are nocturnal and open up at night such that their tentacles/sweepers seek out food that passes through the water column. It is also theorized that opening up and exposing themselves at night minimizes the chance of them in turn becoming a food source for predators.

The stimuli/scent from the pellets seemed to evoke a much faster feeding response than that of natural frozen or fresh foods such as shrimp, mussels, scallops. For those that will ask: I have used several brands of pellets with same effective response time. While feeding fresh/frozen natural foods will always have merit; pellets seem to be a very good alternative to stimulate appetite. :cool:

Something to consider about when you're trying to feed or even rescue a Scoly/doughnut.


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