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Just finished moving contents from 30 gallon to 100 gallon system and some stuff are up for sale.

Evergrow D120 LED fixtures. Used 3 months. Still has 3 yr warranty on it. Worked great for me, just got 2 more 24inch Evergrow fixtures for my 100g.
If purchased separately, $180

Cad Lights pls - 50 Skimmer (10-50G). I heard its great for Biocubes. Bought new 3 months ago. Works great. If purchased separately, $110

30G Tank non drilled (20$) 30g Stand ($40) Will not part these two seperately. Stand will be able to hold a sump inside.

If you purchase all, will part for $325 and will throw in a free bag of unopened aragonite substrate, Believe its the size under the 40lbs bags. Also throw in a free Seaclone 100 skimmer, nets, api testing kits, Magfloat, Hydrometer, etc.

Feel free to post offer, just want to get rid of it, The Lights and Skimmer worked great, and are basically used since from the 3 months, 1 month was the tank cycling and lights/skimmer were not even on
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