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decided to downsize my tank. if interested please read over the thread carefully.

up for sale is my Miracles tank. specs:
L: 60" long
W: 24" wide
H: 18" high
approx 112 gallons
NON-starfire (doesn't scratch easily)
no scratches, no cracks or chips, tank is easily a 9.5/10 condition
fully rimless (no trim)
Eurobraced top and bottom
external bean animal overflow, drilled for return.

also included in the sale is a 8 bulb ATI power module that's been fully rebuilt with:

-All new ballasts
-All new bulb connectors
-All new reflectors
-New junction box
-All new fans
-New hanging kit

beast of a light, can grow anything.

also included is the stand with removable ikea doors and plumbing.

sump, live rock, livestock, reef brites (maybe), electronics, powerheads are NOT included.

FINE PRINT: you'll need to hire or bring your own movers. no damage can be done to the house. tank has to be paid in full before moving as you take responsibility for it as soon as it's moved.

located in maple across from wonderland.


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Wow. If this was a few months ago you’d be seeing my tail lights. Wow what a deal. Glws! What’s a beauty

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