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Best Offer takes my corals!!

Im selling some of my showpiece corals to make room in my tank for newer additions. Im located in Port Colborne but can possibly meet in St Catharines or Hamilton (on weekends). I will be up in T.O. Saturday the 25th and can bring them along.
All prices are best offer takes them. I need the room.

1. Metallic Green open brain, approx. 3.5" across - $45

2. Green Goniopora, diameter of a tennis ball when closed and that of a soft ball when open. - SOLD.

3. Rainbow Wellso. Brain, 6"x4" when open. It is mainly red and mettalic green with tones of maroon, teal and slight pinks and yellows. You cant see all that from the photos (iphone) and im still not 100% sure I want to sell this, but im more placing it up as a feeler to gauge intrest. - $70 B.O.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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