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230g Peninsula tank from Miracles, One of a kind, truly stunning, Starfire on all viewing sides. This may be the finest tank available in Toronto at the moment.

Will sell the tank+metal stand+cedar stand+plumbing+sump for $5000.

Well over 12k in equipment and livestock. ASKING $7500 Shutting Down my tank, selling it as a package or equipment and livestock individually. Livestock will have to go first. Open to offers.

Tank Specs

- 72 x 30 x 24"
- 3 Sided Starfire
- 2" holes for 1.75" bulkheads
- Reinforced Steel stand + Now with custom CEDAR stand
- External durso overflow and both returns on the left hand side. ( Personally I love the look of tanks where everything is housed on one side.


- 90 gallon refugium/sump
- Filter socks, sponge, small amount of bio media ( I wanted the majority of the filtration to be done naturally by the substrate and plants)

- my co2 setup for a tank this large involves a 20lb canister from camcarb
- milwaukee regulator
- Aquamedic 1000 co2 reactor powered by a mag pump fed into the sump right next to my return pump to minimize co2 loss.
- Coralife uv sterilizer.
- High end Dosing System
- DC Waveline pump, an awesome purchase, silent and easily adjustable
- Vortech Mp40
- Vortech mp60
- 2 x Maxspect Razors 8000k 160w Led fixtures
- List goes on.

15 x MASSIVE 6"+ Roseline Sharks / Torpedo barbs - 45 each
2 Premium orange / pidgeon discus - $80 each
6 x 4-6" Clown loaches -20 each
1 bristle nose pleco - 20
Assorted Large fat tetras- neon, white cloud, black neon, etc. -

My loss is your gain. Let me know if you are interested in part or all of this tank setup.

Keys: amano, starphire, planted, aquascape, ada, eheim, nuvo marine, terrarium, biotope, led, driftwood, shrimp, vortech, aqua inspiration, ai, ecotech, fish, java fern, anubias, moss, cryptacornes


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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