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Ok so I bought a new red with gold tip octospawn to replace the wall hammer I sold. Now to find out a month later this octospawn is huge!! Larger than my wall hammer was. So now I went and bought a wall hammer like the old one I had.

So one of them has to go...

$125 for either one but I am not selling both since I need something to fill this space but as it is both in my tank are just to much

Octospawn measures 9-10" fully open and is really healthy with 4 heads (I think)
The wall hammer is still opening since its 2 weeks old but opens now up to 6-7"

I will post pics when I can. Just charged my DSLR so give me a few hours. If anyone that knows me wants to drop by and see them just txt me or call

Thanks :)

Pics taken with camera phone under ati bulbs


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