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Ok so my wife likes to overfeed our tank and the snail population is unreal. I honestly have like 300 nassarius snails moving about.

Although these are fairly small they are still really healthy and moving quick. So here's the deal!!!! Your frag for 5 baby snails.

I'm not interested in cash since you can buy them for a buck or two at the LFS so it means I would make like 20 bucks...I would rather have your frags! :eek::eek::eek:

I am home today and also tomorrow so here is what I'm looking for:
Monti's of any type (cap, setosa, encrusting...)
Candy Cane (prefer greens or odd colors)
Zoo's (no crap please)
Palys (same garbage)
Acan's (any color is fine as long as it's healty)
Micromusa (yeah I know...)

Thanks for looking!
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