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So I was having troubles today trying to figure out the correct amount of all for reef to dose into my aquarium.
I struggle sometimes with numbers and figuring out these types of Things. So i decided to make a convenient AI chat bot to help with whatever reef questions and other questions you might have. Yes as simple as " If the standard dose of all for reef in reef tank is 5ml per 100 litres, how much would I need to dose for a 15 galon nano tank. " its a basic set up but has the capacity to really help new reefers and old with information that otherwise may be hard to find or take time.

For many this is a simple task but for others it isn't. Such is life. There is no spam and no bots searching for your email or personal info. Id appreciate some feedback. Thanks
New reefer,


Have a peek and let me know what you think. this is my first website ever and I decided to start making it at 12:30 pm est.

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