Only a few days left to add these fish to your tank. They go back to the LFS next week. With the included freebies you are basically getting all this livestock for $70. The Flame Angel alone would cost you at least double this price at retail so here’s your last chance to add this hard to get and much desired fish to your tank!

Flame Angel: 3 inches, eats frozen mysis/pellets $99 <— SOLD!
Clownfish (Mated pair): eats frozen mysis/pellets $45 for pair <— SOLD!
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp: 3 inches $25 <— SOLD!

Buy all 3 and you will get absolutely free:
  • 2x Hikari frozen mysis = $20 value
  • 2x Hikari frozen spirulina brine shrimp = $20 value
  • 1x Omega One pack of green seaweed sheets + veggie clips = $10 value
  • Instant Ocean Reef Crystals = $50 value
$100 total value!

Pickup only (North Richmond Hill), Cash only. You supply suitable container(s) and are responsible once fish leave the premises.

Thanks for looking!!