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Approximately 3" in length after clipping for mid ground and back ground stems plants. All of these plants are grown fully submerged in Medium to High light and Co2 in order to show nice colour.
Pick up in Mississauga (L5M-6Y9) Britannia and Winston Churchill intersection

Bacopa Caroliniana x 6

Bacopa Compact x 3

Hygrophila Araguaia x 3

Ludwigia Ovalis Pink (Uncommon) x 6

Persicaria Sao Paulo x 3

Rotala Blood Red × 6

Rotala Green × 20

Rotala Macrandra Catipillar x 6

Syngonanthus Manaus (Uncommon) x 3

Taiwan Lily x 2 runners

Vallisneria x 3 runners



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