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Have one of these for sale. Asking $225 on Kijiji, will go lower for GTA-er. In Burlington, no delivery, though I may be going to Missisauga one evening this week and could possibly meet up...

Please note dimensions, this thing is big, definitely not for a nano :)

Used approx 6-8 months then stored. Good condition except for a crack that was repaired. Crack was in a spot (front, above water) where it is/was risk free for leakage and skimmer worked like new for months after repair was done.
Cost was +$500 cdn when purchased 4 years ago. Sale price reflects age/damage and is only very slightly negotiable.

Ad below is from

SWC Extreme 160 Protein Skimmer
The ORIGINAL Xtreme protein skimmer!

Comes with an Italian made Sicce pump.

An integrated removable bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the protein skimmer.

Custom pin wheel impeller. Up to 32scfh of air pull using custom pin wheel impeller.

Draws less than 25 watts of electricity.

Adjustable surface skimmer. Adjustable water output level.

Air results can vary depending on individual aquarium setups.

Recommended water depth 8-10 inches.

Foot Print in inches (without collection cup) (L x W x H): 4.25 x 13.25 x 19.5 inches. 2.25 inches hangs in side of tank. 1.5 inches tank rim clearance. 13.5 inches hangs off the back of the tank.

SWC Xtreme HOT Skimmer Tank ratings

Light Bioload 200 gallon fish tank
Medium Bioload 160 gallon fish tank
Heavy Bioload 120 gallon fish tank

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Folks this is a very fine quiet hang on tank (or back) skimmer, perfect for those with space issues. If nothing's wrong with this skimmer, I'd grab it. original price is $400 before tax, and the SICCE pump alone is what.. $130? so its $70 for skimmer body.

Carmen two things - put up photos of the skimmer, showing clearly the crack. with pics. Also, I think you got the wrong info here Carmen. the Xtreme HOT is this:

Hang on the Tank protein skimmer

Powered by an Italian made Sicce pump

An integrated removable bubble plate for easy cleaning

Custom pinwheel

Less than 25 watts of electricity

Air draws of up to 32 scfh

Air results can vary depending on individuals’ aquarium setup

Adjustable surface skimmer

Adjustable water output level

For tanks 20-200 gallons

Foot print:
13.5 inches hangs off the back of the tank
4.25 inches wide
19.5 inches height with no cup
1.5 inches tank rim clearance
2.25 inches hangs in side of tank
13.25 inches wide

This thing is over 1 foot WIDE. It's not a small cute thing that hangs on your tank. It's HUGE. on a 20 it'll cover more than HALF of the lengfth of the tank lol.

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Thanks for the correction, here are the pics. It's hard to get a good one of white acrylic :)

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