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Moving and decided to rebuild my system, selling spare equipment and tanks
2x Nicrew 20-27’’ white/blue led light 11w $15each

Wifi accessories
d-link wifi water detector (batteries not included) $30
2x Wifi strips with 4 outlets $25 each
AQlink A1Apex adapter for jebao to apex ect $80( never used, cost me about 110 to get in to canada)
wifi feeder (plug, wire, stand included) $15

mechanical timer with 1 outlet at the front $5
mechanical timer with 2 outlet at the side $10
2x Wifi strips with 4 outlets $25 each

eco172 9.5w 172gph, max height 4foot (without box, sometime rattles)$5
eco172 9.5w 172gph, max height 4foot (box, used for one week) $15
Small pump 1500l/h 25w max height 2m $10
small topfin air pump 1.75w $5
tetra whisper ap300(used for one month everything in box) $90
Aqueon quiet flow air pump 2.8w $25

2x medium sponge filter $15 each
Eshopps overflow pf-1000, (one utube is drilled was using maxijet to pulled air, Katter realized it was not needed and removed) $80
Topfin hang n back filter 5w 120gph $10

Tanks/water reservoir
5feet 120g 60x18x25 purchased back in end or April 2019 with steel stand and glass top minor scratches in the front, no scratches at the back, the back is window tin, can be easily peel off ( is in the basement, my wrist is injured so you are on your own, bring your own manpower it is very heavy) $100
55g sump (5 baffles in total, black silicone) $100
55g tank current use as a water reservoir (white silicone) $85
2x 20g high with steel stand, one drill top right side corner and bottom, one drilled at the bottom $40
55g Rain barrel $60

2x 20g (with stand) + the 2 x Nicrew led light $50
Or multiple different items purchase

Located around Yonge wellington, tanks are pick up bring your own help they are all located in the basement
Will accept reasonable offer only


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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