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toms the fish man
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Tanks/complete setups:
46 Gallon bow front Perfecto
33 gallon tall Miracles
12 Gallon Jebo setup with over top trickle filter with spray bar, intake, output, single T8 lighting
10 Gallon standard dimensions Sump with glass baffles. Mint condition. Needs cleaning.
30 Gallon Hex with solid steel tube stand
10 Gallon kit with hood, dual CFL screw in light bulb sockets
Fluval Osaka setup 84.5 gallon aquarium system comes complete with the seamless bent glass aquarium, wood grain stand, 48" GLO T5 HO Double Light System, 2 - 54 watt Life GLO T5 HO Fluorescent Bulbs. Aquarium features brushed aluminum trim on the top and bottom edges and the wood grain stand features 2 doors with brushed aluminum handles, accessory drawer and shelf. The aquarium measures 47" x 18" x 25" and the stand measures 51" x 19" x 28".

FX5 mint condition used only few months
Aquaclear 70
Mini Penguin less than year old

24" T8 single bulb fixture black
36" T5HO Quad black only half year old bulbs included 2 -10K and 2 Actinic
6" pl fluorescent single bulb nano
12" dual t8 mint fixture 8w per bulb. With movable legs
Tetra Krill Freeze dried almost full can
Tetra Reptomin for turtles
Tetra Micro Crab Cyclop-eeze Granules
OSI Shrimp pellets 45 G
JBL NovoDragon 460 G
Taiwan brands
Fusou fish food 260 G
Pets Paradise floating pellets 500G
Pets Paradise Aqua-Red Fish Food 300 G
Hai Feng Fast Color 160 G
Hai Feng Fast Color micro pellets 60 G
Hai Feng For sure red VIP series 250 G
Hai Feng Amazon red pellets 100 G
Hai Feng Amazon green pellets 100 G

Additives, meds, filter media other accessories:
Fluval Prefilter big box
Fluval Activated Carbon
Fluval Lab series Phosphate Remover
Hagen Aqua Plus
Jungle ich guard
Fungus Clear
Instant ocean lifeguard
API aquarium salt large
Brightwell Aquatic Calcium and Alkalinity
Brightwell Aquatic Concentrated Iron
Brightwell Aquatic Strontium
Nets all sizes
Filter floss
Aquaclear sponges
Bio max
Bacteria house mini and reg sizes
Inserts for penguin line
Driftwood Malaysian mopani
Hagen Master test kit
Kollia number 2
Bio balls ceramic about small marble. White finish
Black or white plastic tiny discs similar to bio balls but more like a disk.

Pics are prices to follow shortly, if you are interested in something please let me know.
Pick up only. Leave contact number for instant response.
Pickup at Kennedy and 401 or McCowan and 16th.

toms the fish man
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how much for the fx5?

also how much for the Hagen Master test kit
is it reef master?
$300 for FX5. $65 for Hagen master test. For reef and freshwater.

Could you tell me a little bit about the driftwood? Is it tank-ready? Size?

I have to get some measurements and yes used a while back fully tank ready

Want the light can I see picture
Can you specify which light you are interested in?
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