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Dont Really want to sell these as they are hard to come by these days Iand I really like the build and quality but too big for my needs.

Abolutely no problems and nothing ever needed replacing except the bulbs. Used on Freshwater so no damage to reflector or salt deposits

I had been using these on 65 Gallon (4ft length) fish tank only 4 bulbs ever used so 1 ballast on each has not even been touched. Other ballast only used a year. and I was growing Med to High light plants

Tek T5HO 4ft by 8 bulbs with 2 cords and 2 switches total power 8 x 54watts. So you can use the 2 switches to control 4 bulbs on and off at seperate times

2 available
$350 each
no bulbs
will throw in legs and shield and hooks.

Too big for my needs.

If you know Tek/Sunlight Supply you know about the quality reflectors they use. Using the most out of your bulbs is the way to go.

A good to great reflector will equate to 1 bulb acting like 2 bulbs when comparing to a fixture that has 1 bulb and no, or poor reflector. A poor reflector can mean; in its ability to reflect the light to where you want it to go, so a poor shape design (spreads light too much or too focused directs light to the wrong place) does not hug each bulb independantly ie tries to reflect many bulbs at once ie poor efficiency, poor material not able to reflect light at or close as possible to %100, improper settiing of the bulb in postition to the reflector ie too close or too far from reflector inhibiting its reflectiveness or the ability to reflect light.
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