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For sale
API test kit, almost full bottles : High range PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate asking $15
Saline solution skimmer (hooked on) need new air stone here is a link
asking $30 SOLD
2 tier black metal stand 38 inch long by 12.5 inch deep, by 28 inch high asking $40
aquarium 30 inch long by 12.5 deep by 16 inch high, needs cleaning asking $15
aquarium 24 long by 12.5 deep by 12 high needs cleaning asking $10
Take stand and two tanks for $50
Turboflator multi skimmer the pump needs new impeller asking $30 SOLD
Dual chamber calcium reactor with pump mag drive 3, valves and 1 co2 cylinder I think it is 7lb is half full, I bought it couple months ago but never used it. Couldn't figure it out how to set it up asking $100.
Everything is or best offer.
I have more staff that will be adding.
Located in Mississauga Derry and mavis

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Found some more staff
The calcium reactor's 10 lb co2 cylinder sold and I decided to keep the ph meter so now Im asking $100 for the reactor the pump mag drive 3, cylinder and the valves/
Here is more staff
Eheim Jager heater 200w submersible asking $15
Thermal compact 50w heater non submersible $5
Aquaclear 70 submersible heater $10
Fluval 1 internal filter $10
Dome lights $5 each 3 available same as this
Intermatic Timer tn311 $5
Optima 807 air pump $25
Rena air 200 pump $10
Maxi Jet 900 no brackets $10
Off topic
Like new Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel over the range microwave with the hanging kit, it is 2009 model number Asking $280
Everything or best offer, more you buy more you save
Thank you
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