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We officially have the 40 breeder up and running.
We went back and forth on rock formation and style but after a little bit of research and reading we have finalized the rock formation.

List of equipment:
Aqueon glass aquarium- standard 40 gallon breeder w/ lid and egg crate
Substrate and rock
40 Lbs Aragonite sand
20 Lbs mixed live rock and Marco rock
5 Lbs of dead rock- straight from Barbados
119 1 w LED light. 50/50 white and blue
Aquaticlife 115
Dual Phosbane 150's powered by a Marineland 600- carbon and GFO
2 Tunze 6015's/ 1 Hydor 425
300 w -primary

Live stock
2 headed Frogspawn- White with green tip
Branching hammer- Gold with green tips
Branching hammer- Pink with pink tips
Octo- Purple tip
Torch- Toxic green with white tips
Elegance- blue tipped- RIP
Tri- color bubble tip anemone
Candy canes- Green and white
Co Co worm
2x Hawaiian feather dusters
Mushrooms- Purple, Green with orange spots, forest green and blue marbled, Green with green strips, Orange bubble Ricordea
Zoas- Mutant green, Radioactive green, Fire and ice, (I call) Majestic white, Caribbean blue, Green bay packer and fire red w/ burgundy exterior
Paly's- (I call) Detroit Lions and Pink passion
Buttons- Gold with green centers
White centers GSP
Xenia- pulsing- White, Pink and Purple
Sun coral
Green chalice

CUC and Inverts:
Coral banded shrimp
Mature Halloween hermits, Mature Blue knuckle and White knuckles
Turbo snails and Astrea snails
Sandshifting stars

Mated pair of Ocellaris clownfish

Basics of the tank:
Running since Dec 26th 2013
Sand, live rock from old 32 gallon
Lighting- White run for 4 hours, blue runs or 8 hours,

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.


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nice job ... looking forward to more pics .love the 40 breeder footprint

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interesting idea to connect two Phosbane 150's and save on one power head
Do you see carbon and and GFO tumbling in the reactors? I am not sure that 400 is enough for 2 reactors and there is probability that you have carbon and gfo, but they are mopt working 100% because there is not enough water movement trough it
I find that if I run them wide open, the carbon tumbles but does not throw and the GFO lifts and sizzles. Keep in mind Sig I only have about 4 inches of tubing between the pump and the intake of the reactor so there is very little lose of power. The 400 came with one of the reactors, I would prefer something different, but it was included and saves me a couple bucks.

I also do not get to were 425 points :confused:
not all too sure what this means ?

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Just a little taste

Tested the waters all levels are looking good, nitrate has gone down to 15 ppm :)
Dosed my weekly top up water.
5 gallons of ro/di, instant ocean reef crystals.
.5 ml of SeaChem iodide
1 ml instant ocean calcium
1 ml SeaChem magnesium
1 g SeaChem reef builder- alk
Just a little taste of the good stuff for the corals :p

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Test results

Keep in mind I am still using the API Test kits for the PH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. I know they are not the most accurate. I will be switching to Salifert soon but for now have to put up with the API crap! For the ALK i am using the SeaChem test kit.
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