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I have had three tanks spring a leak in the last few weeks, so I am reluctantly selling the groups below.......

Adult Canary Cheek Tropheus
I have about 30 available (probably 28-30). They are a “tank raised” group originally imported from Cichlidenstadel in Germany. I am willing to split this group into two groups of approximately 15 fish each or sell the entire group.

Price - $35.00 a fish for a group of 15 or $32.00 a fish for the entire group ($32.00 x final catch count).

May 3 Price Update: I am keen to close this tank down so I have lowered my price. Take all fish (approximately 30) for $25.00 a fish.

Honestly, importing them from Germany yourself would see a landed cost of more than 2.5 times that price and a bunch of logistical headaches as well!

Kapampa Limespot Tropheus
Group 1 – Wild Caught Adult Group of 10
I have a group of 10 adult wild caught Kapampa Limespot tropheus for sale.

Price: $400 for the group of 10.

May 3 Price Update: Take all 10 for $35.00 a fish.

This price is far lower than the current replacement cost for wild caught tropheus.

Group 2 - F1 Juvie Kapampa Limespot Tropheus
I have around 45 F1 juvies from the adult group posted above. They can be broken down into 2 sizes, a group that is around 1.25” and a group that is around 1.75-2”. Tough to count as they are all in one tank, but I would say the breakdown is 60/40 larger to smaller.

Price: Smaller Size: $15.00 a fish (must take all of the fish at that size)
Larger Size: $20.00 a fish (must take all of the fish at that size)

Price is firm, however I will consider a price break if someone is interested in the entire group of around 45 fish. Just let me know and I will send you a price.

Pictures are mine of all fish, I am no photographer, but at least you will get a general idea.

Pick-up is in Whitby.

Covid Precautions – I have set-up tanks in my garage so it is possible to complete a transaction and still respect social distancing. I ask that you wear a mask and I will as well.

If you have any questions please send me a PM.

Thanks for looking.





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I highly recommend Steve as a great person to deal with. I saw both groups a couple of weeks ago. They are well cared for and look stunning. An absolute steal at these prices.
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