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I am reluctantly selling a couple of groups of tropheus.......

Group 1 - Adult Canary Cheek Tropheus
I have about 30 available. They are a “tank raised” group originally imported from Cichlidenstadel in Germany.
I am willing to split this group into two groups of approximately 15 fish each or sell the entire group.

Price - $35.00 a fish for a group of 15
$32.00 a fish for the entire group ($32.00 x final catch count). Price is firm.

Please note that since Covid has hit bringing in fish from anywhere outside of the country has become risky and air cargo rates have really jumped. Just saying that replacement costs on a similar group if you were to do the importing yourself would be a lot more than my posted price (at least double and probably more).

Group 2 – Juvenile F1 Yellow Nkonde Tropheus SOLD
I have a group of 19 juvenile F1 Yellow Nkonde tropheus for sale. They range in size from 1.25 to 2”. Most of the group is 1.75” or larger with only two fish being less than 1.5”. They are from Andy in Innerkips wild caught group.

I am selling the entire group for $350.00. I do not wish to split this group. Price is firm.

Pictures of both groups are mine, I am no photographer, but at least you will get a general idea.

Pick-up is in Whitby.

Covid Precautions – I have set-up tanks in my garage so it is possible to complete a transaction and still respect social distancing. I ask that you wear a mask and I will as well.

If you have any questions about either group please send me a PM.

Thanks for looking.
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