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Pulled out some excess today... if anyone wants, they can have a bunch of (jungle?) vals (fresh shoots, between 2" and 6" at least a dozen) and a handful of java moss. You'll get rams horn sails for sure, maybe a few cherry shrimplets in the moss, one crypt and some thing that roots and grows tall with small leaves but I have no idea what it is. There might be some tiny java fern tips in there too. I can also throw in some trumpet snails if you want them. This lump of plants fills up a 4x6 net and is sitting in a tank under lights. Should be OK for a few days.

Get these vals, add a few root tabs and you'll be posting your own 'free' ad in no time!! (or making some very weird salads... what you do with your harvest is your business)

I don't have any sealable bags, so either bring your own container or a shopping bag will have to do.

pick up at Victoria Park and Eglinton. between 4-8pm is best, but I'm flexible.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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