Various DIY LED supplies from Rapid led. com
Soilderless moonlight led kit makes a great sump light I have 2 of those kits but one is missing the transformer though you could use the 2 kits and run them off the one transformer or use the 2nd as part of a bigger build using one of the 2 dimmable transformers in the pictures as those will run a light big enough for a 180 6 foot long or maybe more. The dimming dial is included in one of the transformers also there are 10 to 12 royal blue led lights and around 10 led lenses, also comes with 2 packs of 7 or 8 single led heatsinks , there is a small black transformer for one of the 4 light moonlight soilderless led kits and wires heatsinks plug all needed is a mounting board. These are all top of the line led diy parts the best of the best, do your homework and you will see these are not cheap and you could build something better than the leading led reef lighting systems .
I mean the regular soilder royal blue leds are around 4 dollars each American plus taxes shipping and the soilderless kits are between 30 and 40 usd plus tx shipping the transformers are not cheap either the fans are from rapid led also. If interested look up their value and send me a fair offer for everything
I am open to trades for corals also