Various High end collector Quality and properly/Professionally Grown Coral Frags. All frags are pre cut and have been healed over unless otherwise stated.

Also will do bulk pricing .
I am interested in trades also if you have anything nice.
I have the following frags for sale. Thanks for Looking

Raja Rampage Chalice $90 per frag
High end Hot Tamale or Erupting Volcano Chalice (I forgot the name) $60
Florescent Green Tyree Toadstool Frags $40 each
  • Ultra Florescent Rainbow Clove Polyps $30 each 3 plus polyp frags
  • Hally Berry Zoanthids $25 each 3 plus polyps per frag
  • Polkaroo lepto Frags $50 each Approx 1" frag plug covered
  • Mr. Freeze Lepto Frags one 1" frag plug $25 each
  • Ultra Strawberry Shortcake Acropora 1" Frag $120 each
  • Dynamite Lit Fuse Australian Aquacultured Chalice Frag $40 each very rare piece and looks even more Amazing in person

The more you buy the better the price, big savings if you buy 3 or more frags. Zero Pests such as Aiptasia, Red bugs, Nudibranch, flatworms etc. I go far out of my way when adding new corals by dipping , quarantining, removing all introduced corals from any liverock or frag plugs and dipping using coral rx then inspecting and blasting the corals with Turkey baster for 5 minutes and strong aeration. Then I glue to new plugs and Quarantine for 30 to 90 days before putting them in my well established main system.