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is it algae, is it over feeding?...
its like little tiny whitish/clear fuzz all over my tank glass, ornaments and gravel. and my waters cloudy. i can still see to the other end of the tank but its cloudy. ive got 3 eheim 2217s running on 90 gal (soon to be 180).

it almost looks like tiny newborn fish fry stuck to everything. itl happen for a week, then be crystal clear agian, then be cloudy and ill get tje fuzzy stuff back. been hapening for the past month.

i do feed my fish quite alot of pellets, but almost EVERYTHING gets eaten besides the odd pellets that fall into gravel area ( tank is gravel on one side, sand on the other) and im sure of it.

what is it!?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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