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Hi folks, is shipping Berghia Nudibranches and I thought I'd offer a deal to gtaaquaria members every now and then.

So here is the deal. These coupons are only good for a single use and can only be used during the store checkout.

So rather than post a coupon code and have people have to go though the entire process only to find out that someone else beat them to it I figured that I'd post that a coupon is available and if you are interested than you can pm me and I'll give you the code.

Once I have given out the code I'll mark the thread indicating that the deal has been claimed.

First PM gets the code
coupon is pre-tax
can not be used together with any other coupon

So lets give it a try.

So this weeks coupon is for 30% off the purchase of 5 or more Berghia. The regular price is $15 each plus $39 shipping. The min order is 5 Berghia and it expires 2014-01-31
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