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Hey all, still have some aquariums and accessories left :)

-T5HO: sold

-Plant it group: 2 fluval C02 canisters, bottle of seachem flourish $35

-Small Aquariums:
-10g near-full aquarium 20x10x12" (tank, lid, light fixture, bulbs, filter (marina 20), gravel, decorations, algae scraper, net, background) $70

-5g near-full aquarium 16x8x10" (tank, lid, light fixture, bulbs, filter (topfin 10), gravel, decorations, net) $50

-28g Aquarium Open Concept:
28 gallon long tank (36x12x15), oversize wooden stand (46x17x19), eheim 150w heater, large rocks (aquarium and terrarium safe), some combo choices from the Other section. $100

125g Coralife Super Skimmer with pump, SEIO/Maxi-Jet (unfamiliar with this item, could not test.) $80

-Other: (anything without a price is intended for comboing with other deals)
-Glass thermometer
-Marina 20 slim filters (x2) $20
-large extendable net
-10g and 20g terrariums (cracked), both come with stands. 10g can hold water despite crack. $15 each
-48" T8 bulb
-Slate turtle dock $15
-50lb bag white silica sand $10 (ppu)
-White gravel: 1.5 square feet
-Ceramic pots
-Large Siamese algae eater
-Marbled crayfish: inchlings, two-inch juvenile, one-armed adult queen $10 for 3, 2 and 1 respectively.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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